Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter are an established e-liquid group that laid down the blueprint for premium e liquids for others to follow. From LA California, they have strived to create a range of meticulously crafted e-liquids for the world to enjoy. One of their most famous earliest releases was ‘I Love Donuts’ which combined the unique taste of a freshly baked donut with a blueberry jam centre. Every now and again they treat the world with a new juice that you just know will be an instant classic, these include ‘I Love Cookies’ which is a fresh oven baked cookie with hints of strawberry and caramel & ‘I Love taffy’ which is a rich peach toffee blend. Their juices have a varying VG/PG ratio, and most of their juices are available in packs of 3 x 10ml packs, another smashing export from the USA that is here to stay.