The Loaded e-liquid brand has been a mainstay in the vaping world for a number of years, providing a vibrant vaping experience for all that are lucky enough to own one of their divine products. Loaded take great pride in producing pristine vape juice, using only the finest ingredients and crafting all of their e-liquids in ISO 7 certified clean rooms. Some of Loaded's most celebrated flavours are 'Glazed Donuts' which is a fresh baked donut with a vanilla cream glaze & hints of cinnamon, moreover if you fancy treating your tastebuds to something different then give 'Cookie Butter' a try for a vape sensation of belgian cookies with a peanut butter spread. Each of Loaded's range comes in 100ML bottles with a 70/30 ratio, grab one of these monster bottles now to experience the vape sensation courtesy of Loaded e-juice!